At Bowan Island, we pride ourselves on making our delicious products with only the finest of ingredients.


We invite you to explore our range of specialty breads, seasonal delights, muesli, muffins and flatbreads.


We also have a fabulous range of pies, pasteries, jams, chutneys and sauces, made with Grandma Bowan's own secret recipes. 


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Hot Cross Buns
Our Famous Hot Cross Buns are simply delicious, which is why they have been consistently voted amongst the very best in Sydney. Traditional or Belgian Chocolate
Artisian Sourdough Collection
Bowan Island proudly continues to honor the age old tradition of sourdough baking.The French bakers brought sourdough techniques to California Gold Rush, and it remains a part of the culture of San Francisco today. Sourdough has long been associated with the 1849 gold prospectors.Today its available in
in 800g, 1.2kg & 1.7kg baked weight.
Canadian Sourdough Collection
Bowan Island proudly continues the tradition of the Canadian sourdough. The Canadian Sourdough dates back to western Canadian territories during the Klondike Gold Rush. Experienced miners and other settlers frequently carried a pouch of starter around their neck or on a belt; these were fiercely guarded to keep from freezing. However, freezing does not kill a sourdough starter; just lowers it's activity.Old hands came to be called "sourdoughs".
Rustic Collection
Authentic European recipes passed down through the years to create the high quality Bowan Island Ciabatta & Turkish loaves.
Specialty Collection
Irish Soda Breads & Rolls - A little piece of Authentic Irish Soda Bread In Sydney Australia.This range is held in high regard by all of the Irish Australians & beyond.Close your eyes & take a bite & sure you could be sitting in your mammy's kitchen in Ireland.
Healthy Muffin's - so good, they made it to First Class & Business Class flights.
ALL natural ingredients.
Bowan Islands muesli, a beautiful healthy start to your day.All made using only the best ingredients.Freshly made every second day at the Bowan Island Bakery.
Grandma Bowan Pies & Pasteries
This is such a delight to share my child hood memories of collecting the fruit from Grandma Bowan’ s orchards & vines for Grandma to create those much treasured pies.
Today we continue to follow Grandma’s Bowan’s recipes to create great tasting high quality pies for you to enjoy with family & friends.
Bowan Island Coffee
Our unique signature coffee blend, created over 20 years ago by David Cummings the founder of Bowan Island.
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