To create a bakery and café that nourishes the bodies, minds, and spirits of the communities we serve – our neighbourhood, our retail and wholesale customers, and our employees by:


Making carefully handcrafted foods that taste as good as they look. We are proud of what we do, and our pride shows in the beautiful bakery products we make each day.  We source quality ingredients and use only natural ingredients with no artificial additives or preservatives.  Our goal is to delight our customers with our wide range of products – some are healthful and some are indulgent.  All are treats!


Providing service that makes you smile.  We strive to ensure that you, our customers, have a great experience when calling or visiting our Bowan Island bakery-cafes. We aim for providing a pleasurable and wholesome experience that leaves you looking forward to visiting, or doing business with us, again. 


Maintaining a professional and congenial workplace that encourages stability and growth for our employees. Here at Bowan Island, we have always strived to build work relationships that are based on trust and respect.  We have watched many of our employees develop personally and professionally over the last 30 years, becoming skilled members of our 'bakery family'.  We owe much of our success to our valued and cherished employees.


Using ingredients and procedures that sustain the health of the planet. We buy local and organic ingredients, when possible.  We always use local dairy products, free range eggs and local seasonal fruit.  We offer Bowan Island woven re-useable bags to minimize use of disposable shopping bags.  The bakery recycles all paper, metal and plastic.


Being a good neighbour.  As good citizens of our communies, we feel a responsibility to contribute to its health and happiness!  We’ve participated in countless local school fund-raisers, hunger-related charities and community events.  


Staying local.  Supporting local products has recently become a popular topic.  We have always been local and will remain that way.  We serve the Sydney area and make all of our freshly baked products every day.  We don’t par bake and freeze and we don’t bake 24 hours before delivery. At Bowan Island we only turn the ovens on in the evening and bake until midnight as we believe that the best bread and pastries are made in the traditional way – by hand, and enjoyed within hours of being freshly baked!


We hope this gives you a sense of Bowan Island and what we value and strive for.  We truly enjoy baking our homemade treats for you, and thank you for supporting us since 1989.



Respecting the craft of traditional baking, we are proud to have been part of a movement away from commercial breads to 'real' hand-crafted breads made with slow fermentation and traditional methods.  


At Bowan Island we are committed to baking wholesome, hand-crafted products.


We take pure ingredients and make them into something unique and wholesome for all to enjoy. Constantly pushing the boundaries, we develop amazing products with only the highest quality ingredients that we can source.


We use our 80+ year old starter ‘mother culture’ to create our beautiful sourdough collection, which has kept Bowan Island at the forefront of Australian artisan baking, supplying Sydney with beautiful artisan produce since 1989 EST.



In each loaf of Bowan Island sourdough, there’s premium Australian flour, filtered water, 80 year old sourdough starter and Murray River salt. 

Baking Bowan Island artisan bread takes time, passion and care. We use a natural fermentation process that allows for the sourdough bread to rest over a 24 hour period allowing the natural flavour of the 80 year old starter to develop through the dough.


Facts about Bowan Island’s starter – A starter is a living organism and as such it has two 'feeds' per day, once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We pay special attention to the starter’s health and ensure that the feeding times never change, as this would alter the health of the starter.


Bowan Islands starter began life using sour grapes, water and organic unbleached flour. Since then it has been a part of hundreds of thousands of sourdough loaves.


Starters can live forever and the Bowan starter, being of 80+ years of age, is very special. Its age is reflected in our sourdoughs refined maturity in flavour, in the beautiful soft crumb and in the depth of rustic colours and blistering of its crust.


Passion. Age. Quality.

Dedication, passion and integrity comes through the Bowan Island. This is what makes our sourdough breads and many other artisan products 'truly like no other'. Each of these is a simple recipe for enduring quality.